According to medical or biological context” stress is a physical, mental or emotional factor that causes’ badly or mental tension”

Common Signs of Stress:

Here are given some of the physical symptoms that express stress.

* Feeling low energy in body is a sign of stress.

* In stress stomach get upset and problems like diarrhea, constipation and nausea may arise.

* Aches, pain and tense muscles are a sign of stress.

* Insomnia is a big sign of mental stress.

 A big sign of stress is loss of sexual desire. A man is considered.

Types of Stress:

American psychological association divides stress into three types. These three types are explained below.

➤              Acute stress.

➤              Episodic acute stress

➤              Chronic stress

Acute Stress:

This type of stress include symptoms of irritability, anxiety, sadness, headache, back pain and some get problems. This stress is a short term stress and these symptoms occur through a stressful event. This stress occurs in the conditions of unexpected like crisis.

Episodic Acute Stress:

It is a same like acute stress different in frequent bouts of acute stress. When acute stress occurs frequently then it is called as episodic acute stress. The people who are suffering from episodic acute stress are short-tempered, irritable and anxious.

Chronic Stress:

This type of stress is a response that arises from an emotional pressure suffering from a prolonged period and in that period individual loses their control. Appetite changes, digestive issue, chronic pain and frequent sickness are the symptoms of chronic stress.

Emotional Effects of Stress:

Stress is the name of emotional tension. Here are given some signs that show emotional stress.

➤ Depression or anxiety

➤ Feeling anger, irritability or restlessness

➤ Feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated or unfocused.

➤ Improper sleep

➤ Concentration and memory problems.

Stress can further lead to depression and anxiety and many other serious problems. According to scientist the main effect of stress is on brain. It directly affects the chemicals called as neurotransmitters and these chemicals are used between nerve cells. But in the condition of stress, stress hormones effect is the area that is specific for memory and regulating emotions on the other hand it affects our behaviors at a large scale there is a great rise and fall in the behavior of the person who is suffering from stress.

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Causes of Stress:

The things that cause stress are called stressors. There could be many reasons in someone’s life that can cause stress upon mind. Here are given some of the examples of stress. Stress could be of two types according to cause.

 1.   Cause of work stress              2. Cause of life stress

Causes of work stress includes.

➤ If you are unhappy with your job then it could cause stress.

➤ A heavy workload or having too much responsibilities could lead to stress

➤ Heavy working hours is one of the reasons of stress.

➤ If the management is poor then it could cause stress

➤ Dangerous environment for work

➤  Life stresses includes

➤ Because of divorce

➤ On the loss of job

➤ On huge financial obligation

➤ If someone is getting married

➤ If someone is moving to a new house

Because of some emotional problems like depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self esteem

Stress and Health:

There are different hazards of stress that it causes to poor health. Stress has a great influence on our moods, our behavior and our health. Chronic stress can totally damage our health and behavior. In health hazards stress effects our body, thoughts and feelings and your behavior too. Stress can cause many problems with health like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.


To conclude we can say that stress is a serious mental problem that not just affects our body and health but also our brain health. Psychologically it affects a lot to our brain. It emotionally disturbs the person suffering for it and brings many behavioral changes. Stress brings many other problems to our body like high blood pressure, obesity and poor sleeping problems. There is a great need to manage this problem and overcome this serious issue at time. So, everyone needs to understand this issue so that this problem could be sought out.