Brain health is so much important for the health of our body. Healthy brain can bring healthy activities to our routine life. But if our brain is not working properly then cannot have a healthy body. Poor brain health is really a serious problem worldwide.

Causes of Poor Brain Health:

Here are given some of the causes that cause poor brain health.

➤              If there is any childhood abuse, trauma, or any neglect

➤              If the person face social isolation or loneliness

➤              If the person experiencing discrimination and any kind of sigma

➤              For the reason of any disadvantage, poverty or debt

➤              Bereavement is also a reason of poor brain health in which you lose someone of your loved me

➤              Severe types of stress or long-term stress

➤              If the person having a long-term physical health condition

➤              In the condition of unemployment or losing your job

➤              Because of poor housing, or homelessness

➤              Reason of being a long-term carer for someone

➤              Misuse of drugs and alcohol can cause poor brain health.

➤              Because of any kind of significant trauma

Many other physical causes can bring poor mental health conditions like any kind of head injury or some kind of neurological condition like epilepsy that can affect or your mental health and behavior. It is said about mental poor health that “my depression seems to flare up during times when I am stressed and isolated from other people”.

Signs of Poor Brain Health:

Here are given 5 signs that can show poor brain health.

➤              Long-lasting sadness or irritability

➤              Extremely high and low moods

➤              Excessive fear, worry or anxiety

➤              Social withdrawal

➤              Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits

Effects of Poor Mental Health on Physical Health:

There is a relationship between poor brain health and poor physical health can cause poor brain health and if our brain is not working well fully then it can definitely bring physical stress.

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Negative Effects of Food on Brain Health:

Here are given effects of food that cause brain health.

Sugary Drinks: These drinks include beverages like soda, sports drinks, energy drinks and some other fruit juice. Taking sugary drinks can cause many negative effects on our brain like taking too much sugary drinks can cause type two diabetes. This can because Alzheimer’s disease also High level of sugar in blood can also cause an increase in risk of dementia. Sugary drinks take a high level of fructose can cause many physical problems like obesity, high blood pressure, high blood fats diabetes and some arterial dysfunction.

“A high intake of sugary drinks may increase the risk of dementia. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) may be especially harmful, causing brain inflammation and impairing memory and learning”.

Refined Carbs:

Refined carbohydrates are also harmful for brain health. These carbs have a high level of glycemic index that could be a cause of spike in blood sugar and insulin also. These are easily digestible for our body. That food can cause mental impairment at a very large scale because they contain high GI and high level of GL.

Foods High in Trans Facts:

 These types of food are called as Trans facts and a type of food that contains unsaturated fats in it can have some detrimental effects on brain and can damage our brain at a large scale. People that mostly use these types of foods can suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Highly Processed Foods:

These foods include chips, sweets, instant noodles, microwave corn, store-bought sauces and readymade meals. They are high in fats and very low in basic or useful nutrients. People eating these foods can gain weight very quickly. Some other foods like Aspartame, Alcohol and fish high in mercury can affect our brain in a very negative way. Proper diet is so much important four our brain health but it can affect negatively too in our brain like some foods are given that because negative effects on our brain.


To conclude, I can say that brain health is so much important for our body there is a direct relation of our diet and brain health. Some foods have negative effects on our brain too that are given above.