Exercise is so much important for brain and body health. As we all know that exercise are so much important for body but one thing is still unknown to the person that these exercises are so much important for the brain health. They have a very positive affect on our brain and improve our brain health. They help to boost our memory and make our brain healthier and sharper.

According to a study done by department of exercise science at the University of Georgia “exercise affects the brain on multiple fronts. It increases heart rate, which pump more oxygen to the brain. It also aids the bodily release of a plethora of hormones, all of which participate in aiding and providing a nourishing environment for the growth of brain cells”.

Types of Physical Exercise:

Four types of physical exercises are explained below.

Aerobic (Endurance) Exercise:

These exercises are used for increasing your heart beat rate and breathing. This exercise is also considered as a main component of overall fitness program. Some of the aerobic activates are below.

➤        A brisk walk

➤        Jogging

➤        Climbing the stairs

➤        Playing/tennis

➤        Dancing

➤        Biking

➤        Doing yard work like raking, digging, gardening

➤        Swimming laps

Strength Exercise:

These exercises are important for bones and muscles and keep our bones strong. These exercises are including

➤        Lifting free weights

➤        Using resistance machines at the gym

➤        Using resistance bands for your body weight and building the strength of your body.


 These exercises are mostly used for maintaining a good physical health. These exercises help in the motion of your body. Some flexibilities practices include

➤        Stretching practice of various body parts

➤        By doing yoga

Balance Exercises:

These exercises are helpful in maintaining balance of the body. Some physical practices for balance are given below

➤        Hell to-toe walking

➤        Standing on one foot

➤        Practicing tai chi poses

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6 Pillars of Brain Health:

Here are given 6 basic pillars that explain the brain health.

➤       Physical exercise

➤       Food nutrition

➤       Medical health

➤       Sleep and relaxing

➤       Mental fitness

➤       Social interaction

Tips for Physical Exercises:

Here are given some useful tips that can help for physical exercises and also improves the brain health.

Build Endurance with Aerobic Exercise:

You need to build your endurance through regular endurance exercise like running, swimming or biking. These shall definitely improve your brain health.

Get into Strength Training:

This strength training is important for every type of person no matter him is a body builder or not. These exercises increase the brain health and boost the brain power. It also helps to enhance your decision-making ability, concentration and improve moods.

Work on Flexibility:

Flexibility in your body means more energy and improved health. So there is a need to work on your flexibility to improve your health and brain. Tai chi, yoga and stretching help to improve flexibility.

Pump Your Heart Up:

Exercise helps in the blood flow to all over body it also effects a lot our brain health including our memory. Pumping your heart up helps to enhance our learning ability, our thinking’s. It also reduces the risk of many heart problems like heart attack, strokes and diabetes.

Physical Exercise for Brain Health:

Some of these exercises are enhancing your brain power.

➤        Squat your way through brain fatigue

➤        Clear your mind with the set of planks

➤        Jump those jacks to kick start your brain

➤        Run for your life

➤        Walking never gets old

➤        Yoga cleanses the soul and mind

➤        Tai chi: take a leaf out of the Chinese books.

➤        Weight training coupled with resistance exercises

Benefits of Physical Exercises:

Here are given some benefits that we gain from physical exercises.

➤  It helps to reduce the risk of heart attack

➤  It helps to manage your weight in a better way

➤  Through these we can have a lower level of blood cholesterol

➤  It also decrease the risk of diabetes and cancer

➤  These exercises help to prove your brain health by lowering the blood pressure

➤  Through these exercises we can get stronger bones, muscles and joints and lower risk of osteoporosis.

➤  It lowers the risk of falls also