Organic foods are always considered as a good source of brain health. These foods surely improve the brain health. Organic foods contain many of the nutrients that are so much beneficial for our brain health.

7 Best Herbs and Spices for Brain Health:

Here are given and explained 7 herbs and spices that are very useful for brain health.


Sage is a spice and it is very famous because of its pungent scent. It helps a lot in the curing the Alzheimer’s disease. It contains compounds that are very beneficial for our cognitive and neurological functions. It could be taken in many forms like butternut squash. Rousted chicken, turkey, tomato sauce or also in white bean soup. This is also taken in tea form.


It is a famous Ayurvedic spice. It contains a compound named as curcumin and famous for its antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory effects. According to a research of 2010 it is said that “turmeric may boost brain health and stave off Alzheimer’s disease by clearing the brain beta-amyloid. The buildup of beta-amyloid is known to form Alzheimer’s related brain plaques”.

 Ginkgo Biloba:

It is a famous herb that is used for the treatment of dementia. This herb is taken as a medicine in traditional Chinese medicines. There are so many benefits of this wonderful herb. It helps to promote blood circulation of blood. It is also said that this herb is also providing some cognitive benefits to our brain.


It is also a known ayurvedic herb. It helps to reduce oxidative stress of our brain. It also contributes for the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.


It is one of the most plants of herbal medicine. It contains some anti-inflammatory chemicals that are named as ginsenosides.

Gotu kola:

It is a herb that is used as medicine just like ayurvedic and this is most famously used as improve mental clarity medicine.

Lemon Balm:

This herb is used as tea and this tea is used for anxiety and insomnia it also helps to improve cognitive health.

Vitamins for Brain Health:

Our human brain used a lot of energy and this energy is more than any other form of energy used in whole of the body. Here are given some of the vitamins that are very useful for brain and help to have a strong and active brain.

Vitamin B:

B is stand for brain. This is the most essential vitamin for brain. We can say that the best vitamin for brain is vitamin B and in vitamin, B 12 is the most essential of all. It is the best thing for brain health. According to new research there is a strong relationship between deficiency of vitamin B 12 and poor brain health. Homocysteine is a great connection between vitamin B and brain health. It also helps to maintain the level of homocysteine.

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Vitamin C:

thisvitamin is also considered as an essential vitamin for our brain health. It keeps the high anti-oxidant activity. According to a research about brain health “increasing evidence is pointing to vitamin C as an important redox homeostatic factor in the central nervous system, linking an inadequate dietary supply of vitamin C for negative effects on cognitive performances”.

Vitamin E:

It is considered as same as vitamin B because there is a same mechanism of vitamin E as comparing to vitamin B. it have a protective effect of brain health.

Vitamin K:

This vitamin is typically for healthy and strong bones. Searches according to vitamin K is “ the main finding of this cross-sectional studies that, irrespective of all measures potential confounders, increased dietary  phylloquinone intake was associated with better cognition and behavior among geriatric patients”.

11 foods Good for Brain Health:

Here is given a list of 11 foods that are good for healthy brain.

➤              Fatty fish

➤              Coffee

➤              Blueberries

➤              Turmeric

➤              Broccoli

➤              Pumpkin seeds

➤              Dark chocolate

➤              Nuts

➤              Oranges

➤              Eggs

➤              Green tea


To conclude I can say that organic food is too much necessary for our brain health because healthy intake of food is so much necessary for our brain.