It is also called as neuro plasticity or neural plasticity. “It is the ability of the brain to change continuously throughout an individual’s life.”

Brain plasticity word is derived from the Greek word ‘ Plastos’ that mean molded and it is considered as extraordinary ability of the brain and through this wonderful ability brain cam modify its own structure and also its function. Some of its examples are learning a new skill like learning a motor skill and in this learning there became many changes in the cell structure of the brain.

Importance of Brain Plasticity:

It helps to modify brain and to develop a connection between brain and society. It is also so much important for children because it worked for the brain development of children. Brain development is so much important for the children because these development children became able to live in our society and understand every aspect of the society. Brain plasticity used to modify connections of brain and bring development but if brain plasticity does not occur then children shall not be able to develop from infancy to adulthood and even they cannot recover from any kind of brain injury if they face any.

Causes of Brain Plasticity:

The causes of brain plasticity could be different like learning process, experiences and if the memory formation is happening. According to newer studies brain plasticity always respond to learning in any age step and even at any stage of life. Our brain never stops changing in any situation where learning is possible. Some of the new experiences also bring brain plasticity situation.

Types of Neuroplasticity:

Here are explained types of neuroplasticity or brain plasticity. There are two types of brain plasticity that are given below.

Structural Neuroplasticity: it is mostly understood as the brain’s ability to understand the different changes of the brain and different neural connections of brain. This type of neuroplasticity also studies the internal and external studies of brain.

Functional Neuroplasticity: this type of brain plasticity is the ability of brain by which it can alter and also adapt the functional properties of neurons present in brain. These changes could be a response of any kind of activities of synthetic plasticity that is a frm of functional plasticity.

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Brain Plasticity and Behavior:

As we all know that brain is a static organ and the circuitry of brain remain changes with time and specifically after some functional changes and these functional changes are basically known as brain plasticity. It also includes some phenomena of brain like memory, addition and also the recovery of emotions of brain. According to the newer studies brain plasticity effects on brain plasticity effects on brain and behavior of the person and the factors that affects the behavior of the person and the factors that affects the behavior and brain. In brain plasticity are pre and postnatal experiences, hormones, drugs, aging, maturation, disease, diet and stress.These factors are also important for knowing the normal behavior of a person.

Exercises of Neuroplasticity:

Here are given some of the reasons of brain plasticity.

➤              Memory tasks and games

➤              Learning the juggle

➤              Learning to play a new instrument

➤              Learning a new language

➤              Yoga

➤              Mild to moderate regular exercise

➤              Challenging brain activities like crossword or Sudoku

➤              Learning a new subject and specifically a complex and a large subject in a very short period of time.

Neuroplasticity is also providing some exercises for chronic pains. These exercises are given below.

➤                    Transcranial direct current stimulation

➤                    Transcranial magnetic stimulation ( non-invasive magnetic stimulation of the brain via “ wand” to engage specific areas )

➤                    Intermittent fasting that is a period of fasting

➤                    Glucose administration

And some of the exercises are

✷               Regular exercise for chronic pain relief

✷               Healthy eating

✷               Quitting smoking

✷               Keeping your mind active, engaged and challenged

✷               Relaxation techniques to keep stress at bay

✷               Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness Neuroplasticity:

With meditation, your brain is effectively being rewired; as your feelings and thoughts morph towards a more pleasant outlook your brain is also transforming, making this way of thought more of default…… this more your brain changes from meditation the more you react to everyday life with that same sense of calm compassion, and awareness.”