It is a major risk factor that is also known as a common disease. This is a very common Neuro DegenerativeDisease that includes mild cognitive impairment, dementia like Alzheimer’s disease, cerebrovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease and Lou Ge hrig’s disease. Many researches have been made on brain aging and many other researches are also conducted by scientists to get further information about this disease.

Meaning of Brain Aging:

Different changes caused by aging of brain’s size, vasculature and cognition are known as brain aging. In this disease the brain shrinks as the age of the person increases. With increasing age many changes occur at all the levels from molecules to the stage of morphology.

How aging affects the Brain Thinking:

Aging affects a lot on the thinking of the person. Some of the changes are given below:

➤              They feel difficulty in finding words and recalling names and this difficulty increase with age.

➤              They also feel more problems than before in performing multiple tasks.

➤              Some of the effects are there on concentration. Many people feel a mild difficulty in paying attention on different tasks.

Changes Due to Brain Aging:

Here are given some of the changes that are occurring in our body and brain due to increasing age:

➤              Due to increase in age some of the parts of our body and brain start shrinking specifically those parts that are important for learning process and many of the complex activities of Brain.

➤              Due to Brain aging in few and specific brain regions communication in different neurons or brain cells reduced.

➤              In aging process blood flow to the brain decreases

Inflammation increase due to brain aging that result from any kind of injury or disease.

Through these changes that occur in our brain many mental functions get disturbed even physical health suffered a lot due to these changes.

Causes of Brain Aging:

Brain aging is an evitable truth. We can say that our brain is the organ that changes the most as compared to all other organs of our body. Some of the causes of brain aging are given below:

➤              Genetics

➤              Neurotransmitters

➤              Hormones

➤              Experiences of life

➤             Age

Brain aging can only be reduced through good brain health.

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Normal Brain Aging:

“When there are no underlying medical conditions causing this memory loss, it is also known as age-associated memory impairment.” Normal aging occurs through natural way as the age of man increases his brain age also increases and sign of brain aging became visible to person and losses of these natural processes became visible to everyone.

Protecting the Brain Aging:

There are some of the exercises available for protecting our brain from aging. Many brain exercises can decrease our brain aging and these exercises can even decrease the risk of dementia.

“Exercise is, right now, the most powerful effect in terms of prevention of Alzheimer’s disease”.

Stephen Rao, PhD, the director of the schey center for cognitive neuro imaging at the Cleveland clinic also said that,” I’m sure a drug is going to come along that will also work in terms of prevention. But right now, the best thing you can do to prevent Alzheimer is to get people on a treadmill or walking.”

Through exercise our brain connections could be ore stronger. He also said that “if you are at risk for Alzheimer because you have a family history, because you have this genetic risk factor, you should be working really, really hard to exercise. And that should start at least at middle age”. According to Baker’s study about exercise and brain health he said,” I talk about exercise in the same kind of terminology you might use for a drug because if we can’t get the right dose of the medicine then we are not going to see the effects”.


To conclude, I can say that brain aging is a natural process that shows different signs through it. This is considered as a disease and there are many remedies available for this.