An emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure. It is a feeling of worry, nervousness and unease of uncertain conditions. According to the American psychological association anxiety is explaining this serious problem though a detailed study about this issue because a large number of people are affected through this serious issue.

Causes of Anxiety:

There could be different causes of anxiety but causes of anxiety are very complicated among people. There are different types of causes that cause anxiety.

Environmental cause, that include relationship problem, difficulties at work, and family related issues.

Genetical causes like if some people have anxiety problem genetically then they could face this problem more commonly.

Medical causes like on the symptoms of different disease are the effects that arise due to any kind of medication.

Brain chemistry causes, this cause include misalignment of hormones and electrical signals in the brain.

Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety:

Here are given some of the signs and symptoms that explain the pressure of anxiety disorder because it is a very common disease and every person experience this disease at any stage of life.

Some of the common sign and symptoms are explained below.

➤              Excessive worrying

➤              Feeling agitated

➤              Restlessness

➤              Fatigue

➤              Difficulty in concentrating

➤              Irritability

➤              Tense muscles of the body

➤              Trouble falling or staying asleep

➤              Panic attacks

➤              Avoiding social situations irrational affairs

6 Types of Anxiety:

Six types of anxiety are most common among people and these 6 types are explained below.

➤              Generalized anxiety disorder

➤              Social anxiety

➤              Specific phobias

➤              Panic disorder

➤              Obsessive compulsive disorder

➤              Post-traumatic stress disorder

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

This disease type exists for six months or more than six months. In this disorder people feel anxious at most of the times and specifically in the situation of stress like when you are speaking in public or taking an exam. Sometimes this disorder is helpful for people because it keeps us alert and focused on what is happening that helps to perform their tasks faster and with full concentration.

Social anxiety:

In this type of anxiety the person that is facing this disorder has an extreme fear of critisization. He feel embarrassed, humiliated not only specific occasions but mostly and on most of the situations even in such a small thing like speaking in public, eating in public or even in being assertive at work and sometimes on small talks.

Specific Phobias:

This is a type of anxiety in which the person became or feels very fearful about some specific thing or object or in a specific type of situation. That person avoids the thing as it could be possible.

Panic Disorder:

In this type of anxiety the person suffering from it has panic attacks in which they feel uncontrolled feeling of anxiety. Shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness and excessive perspiration are some of the experiences of panic attacks and they consider it like a heart attack.

Obsessive compulsive disorder:

In this disorder unwanted or intrusive fears and thoughts came, like silly thought and relief their thoughts by specific behavior. Washing hand and clothed again and again with the fear of germs.

Post-traumatic stress disorder:

This disorder results mostly after a traumatic situation like war, assault, accident or disaster. Some symptoms of this type of anxiety are difficulty in relaxing, upsetting of dreams or flashbacks of the events in their minds. The person tries to avoid everything relating to that event.

Anxiety Attacks:

Anxiety attack includes the fear if some specific occurrence or some problems that could happen with the person facing that disorder. Symptoms of anxiety attacks are worry and restlessness. Some physical changes could also occur like change in heart beat rate. Anxiety attacks are different from panic attacks.

Treatment of Anxiety:

For the treatment of anxiety there are different type of treatment therapies like psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and medication. On the other hand some self-treatments are also available. Some of the exercises can also relief anxiety like stress management, relaxing techniques, exercises to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, support network exercise. Counseling could also relief in the disorder and some of the medications like Benzodiazepines, Antidepressants, and Tricycles are available for anxiety problem.


To conclude, I can say that anxiety is a common but very complicated disease that every person experience in life. Anxiety has different effects on brain health that is destroying our brain health largely.